Become your own best friend & create a connected, healthy & balanced life.


The Programme

The Gay Happiness Project is an 8-week group training programme for gay men with an emphasis on love, kindness and compassion, designed to increase happiness and life satisfaction. Powerful mindfulness techniques underpin the entire course which is anchored in rigorous academic research from positive psychology and applied-neuroscience.

On the course you will learn to connect with yourself and your peers in a safe environment built on high levels of trust. The unique approach is accessible, engaging and practical, it avoids the language of therapy or victimisation, and it is designed to be complementary to other personal development work that participants may have undertaken.


8 Weekly Modules

  1. The Mask You Live In
    Individual and group landscape. Introduction to mindfulness.

  2. The Happy Brain
    Applied neuroscience and deeper mindfulness practice.

  3. The Merry-Go-Round of the Mind
    Evolution of the brain, the mind and problematic thinking styles.

  4. Becoming Your Own Best Friend
    Introducing love, kindness and compassion.

  5. Toolkit for Thriving
    Solutions for creating a flourishing life from positive psychology & mindfulness.

  6. Speaking Your Truth
    Living with integrity and finding your authentic voice.

  7. Dance to Your Own Tune
    Living with purpose, destructive and constructive routes to pleasure.

  8. The Happy Ending
    Celebrating who you are: review, sustainability and personal action plan.