2018 intake testimonials


“During the eight weeks I was able to discover some of the roots and reasons that lead to my issues of depression and anxiety, while learning how to deal with them and to appreciate and live in the present. This is the most life-changing course I have ever done.”


“The course took me from a dark period in my life to a place where I am able to manage my emotions in a more positive way. Robert and Chris have provided me with the tools to live a happier more fulfilling life. If you are going to give yourself one gift this year let it be this course, it's the gift that keeps on giving.”


"Both Chris and Robert bring a synergy to the course, with their open, honest and loving kindness. This group helps you take off your mask at your own pace. If you are looking for a course that helps to rewire and establish a truer, deeper connection first with self and then to others around you, then this is the course for you.”


“This programme was a big step for me as I often feel so uncomfortable talking about anything relating to me, this course really opened my mind as a person and I learnt that's it's OK to share and be open. I have made some friends for life and in an honest, caring, open environment.” 


“I honestly don't think I could have coped with the level of change and challenge I had in my life without the self-support and mindfulness techniques this course taught me. Utterly amazing. Thank you.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was professionally run and definitely filled a gap in the market. It was good to work in a group of gay men as there was a mutual empathy for the problems faced by gay men. Well done Rob and Chris."


Authentic Happiness Inventory

A 13% increase in overall happiness

Life Satisfaction Scale

A 17% increase in life satisfaction

Programme Rating

Excellent Programme Rating

Personal Objectives Rating

Vast majority of personal objectives exceeded

This information was compiled form course feedback and should be used as a general guide only regarding the effectiveness of the programme.