“The most life changing course I have ever done.”


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The Course

The Gay Happiness Project is a unique 8-week mindfulness-based group training programme designed for gay men who want to increase happiness and life satisfaction. With an emphasis on kindness and compassion you will learn life skills and effective self-care techniques that will enable you to develop a better understanding of yourself and embrace life with greater ease. Participants quickly establish meaningful connections, building confidence and trust with fellow participants by sharing experiences and learning together in a supportive environment that is practical and down-to-earth.

The Gay Happiness Project is an 8 week group training programme for gay men designed to improve overall happiness & life satisfaction.



Drug & alcohol use is 7 times higher in the LGB population compared to the general population.


13% of gay & bisexual men are currently experience moderate to severe levels of depression & anxiety compared to 7% of all men.


50% of gay & bisexual men said they have felt life was not worth living compared to 17% of all men.
Source: Stonewall


The Outcome

Participants leave the Gay Happiness Project with increased awareness of positive behaviours, thinking and self; better overall mental wellbeing; and a toolkit of practical exercises and techniques to sustain healthy habits. The course is underpinned by mindfulness and participants will establish a regular meditation and self-compassion practice.


A deeper
connection first
with yourself,
then others
around you.



You may be concerned about behaviours developing in an unhealthy direction or you may simply be wondering ‘what's next?’ The Gay Happiness Project is designed to introduce simple yet effective mindful wellbeing techniques within a positive, practical and open environment. 


Does this sound all too familiar?

  • You want to take control of your own life

  • You sometimes feel alone and isolated

  • Life is a merry-go-round of drink, drugs and sexual encounters that leave you feeling empty

  • You doubt yourself and your choices

  • The life you're leading isn't making you happy

  • You worry about what others think of you

  • You feel disconnected from yourself and your partner


If you're looking for a practical, supportive environment to learn new skills for living a happier life, GHP can provide you with:

  • A positive approach

  • Action-focused learning

  • Down-to-earth, meaningful conversations

  • Strong, powerful connections with yourself and others

  • Professional and peer-based support

  • Access to the latest research and approaches

  • A safe, relaxed and comfortable environment