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GHP Enneagram Workshop

Who is this for?

Any Gay Happiness Project alumnus who is curious to find out more about yourself and why you “are” a certain way. The workshop will sky-rocket your self-awareness by helping you understand yourself and others, as well as offer practical tools for creating transformational change in your life.

What will we do?
The basis of the workshop will be a detailed psychometric assessment, called the Enneagram which is a complete map of the human psyche. It will help you understand the habits that drive how you feel and behave in life as well as your subconscious motivations, beliefs, defences and behaviour patterns that can lead you to get stuck or frustrated. You will receive a detailed 20-page personal report, completed before the workshop, which highlights powerful insights about your worldview, shining a light on both your potential and your challenges.

The report goes much deeper than usual psychometric tests often used in corporations, for example, your report will also tell you about your subconscious motivations and how your current strain profile may be influencing your behaviour.

During the workshop, we will explore your position on the Enneagram, your experience and what it means for you, using the following steps:

What does it mean?
What is my reality? Who am I? What is happening in my life? What are the motivations for my behaviour patterns? What are my fears, values and limiting beliefs?

So what?
What does this mean for me? What is the impact on my world, my relationships, and my sense of self? How am I holding myself back? How are my relationships being affected? What do I want to change?

Now what?
What can I do to continue growing and becoming my best self? How can I build on my gifts and balance my weaknesses? How can I focus effort on strategies that will help most?

What will you get from the workshop?
This workshop will give you a better understanding yourself and your world, offering suggestions and tools to help you create a more empowered and fulfilling life.

In particular, you will:
- receive a 20-page report that highlights powerful insights about your personality type, shining an light on both your potential and your challenges
- gain a better understanding of the subconscious programmes that drive how you feel and behave in life
- discover the unique and powerful gifts you offer to the world and help you learn how to balance and bring out your authentic self
- learn new strategies for living your life to the fullest
- better understand why some other people can behave so differently to you and how you can improve your relationships with them
- learn alongside like-minded GHP alumni who feel passionate about their personal growth

Later Event: August 3
GHP Alumni Brighton Pride